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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. ". >> alcides: it is october 1 and a handful of new laws go into effect today. we will tell you about some of big ones that could affect you. a bra rescues a driver in distress, now the man behind the wheel is on a mission to say thanks. good saturday morning, everyone. it is saturday. >> anjuli: it is. it is october. >> alcides: that's right, october 1. the beginning of a wonderful weekend. i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. the headlines but first lindsay is here. it is fall but doesn't feel like it. >> lindsay: tropical
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tampa and a lovely start with the one in brookdale bayshore. to sirat ark beach with a downpour earlier. looks good and muggy north of tampa. feels a little less humid out the door this morning. we transition to afternoon storm building west. this morning, left with pesky rain and coastal counties in some spots are actually a bit heavy. these downpours from madeira all the way down to tierra verde are weakening from of the sunshine sky way. they are moving along to a southwest wind flow. where downpours are heavier. here we go. check this out. high point say hey, that rain is heavy along u.s. 19. spotty showers toward safety harbor and oldsmar and a look at a big town pour. offshore of longboat at least the heavier stuff is. some of the rain made its way to anna maria and coastal rain
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theway and cool. 70 in brooksville. 75 in tampa. sarasota, 7. the dew points have dropped in 6. st. pete at 65. for am of us it feels decent. others feels muggy. a front that has stalled meaning it will not pull any more cooler air in the south and the caribbean is a dangerous category 4 hurricane matthew. the center -- i can't see that defined eye. we are finding that pressure has inc millibars but still 15-mile-per-hour winds. that is pretty muchs high as it gets on the scale in terms of a category 4. the latest track that i will discuss in detail coming up. somewhere closer to jamaica monday and tuesday and how long does this linger near the bahamas. does it stay close to the stay. stay out to sea. we don't know the details yet. we have got to watch in the days ahead as models come together. today's rain chances 30% with storms building west this
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upper 80s, guys. new this morning, tampa police are investigating a stabbing at an ybor city ni nightclub happening around 2:00 over at club sky on east 8th avenue in ybor. officers say two people were stabbed, one suffered minor injuries and the other person was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. one person is being detained. all right, well back in march, lawmakers sent 272 bills to governor rick could the. the majority of those bills went into effect >> anjuli: of them take effect weekend and some the big ones sr. sp 218 to top trafficking of electronic transfer cars. ebt cards are higher tech form of food statutes and a misdemeanor to have two or more and sell or attempt to sell one of the cards. a second defense will -- second offense makes it a third-degree felony. carl 'law that increases
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victims are people with disabilities. carl stark was a 36-year-old man who had autism. he was from st. augustine. shot and killed back in 2015 after being targeted by teenagers looking to steal a car. another new law makes it a second-degree felony to make false reports of using firearms in a violent manner. a second-degree misdemeanor to threaten a law enforcement officer. law officials, elected official or their family with death serious harm. >> alcides: house bill pre prevents people under the age of 18 for being prosecuted for prostitution and sexually exploiting a child should be viewed as human trafficking. people who knowingly rent space used for prostitution. >> anjuli: we see them all the time. a new law to crack down on illegal electronic gas pump skimmers. increases the penalty of those who potential counterfeit
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including requirements for gas station owners and managers to take security measure on self-service gas pumps. >> alcides: finally a new law if you were hitting the waters fishing for spiny lobsters. a person with fewer than 100 undersized spiny lobsters may face a misdemeanor violation for each undersized lobster. processing more than 100 will also be a third-degree felony. all right, starting new water taxi service will shutlele people up and down pinellas county beaches >> the boat will make stops from madeira beach all the way to treasure island and many home it will ease the traffic and fox 13 is live with that ferry service this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. we are on board the new madeira beach ferry and taxi service right now and we are kind of hiding out from some of those showers that lindsay was
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it was raining here heavily for little bit. joined by captain mark hubbard. mark, i know this has been a long time waiting to get this together. almost 15 years to get in water taxi going. >> we have been talking about it since 1999, and i am so excited to start madeira beach ferry and taxi free all day today. you can go to hubbards marina or tampa bay ferry.dom. >> free today but normally cost a ticket and nine different locations where this is picking up. this -- this extra service going? >> well, we have to be -- to accommodate all these vehicles. gulf beaches are congested with all the cars that come with tourist season and just getting higher and higher density. water-borne transportation makes sense. all this water. it is free. you don't have to build more roads or build new bridges and utilize the water borne system.
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boston, san francisco, even here in florida, down ft. lauderdale water bus has used how to use the water. now time for pinellas county. >> reporter: multiple loca locations. seven in madeira and one this n treasure island and st. pete beach. you have a bigger vision than that. >> yes, i am so excited to start today here in madeira beach. we have future plans you can go to tampa bay ferry.c pete beach, fort de soto. even st. pete beach north all the way to clearwater, partnering with the clearwater ferry service. >> reporter: fun stuff. i will send it back to you guys and coming up at 9:00, we will take this little baby for a spin and check out some of those other locations. we are just going to get out on the water. that is really my goal today. not a bad shift this morning. >> alcides: a good start to
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>> anjuli: lindsay says showers will be winding down for you. enjoy your cruise. >> reporter: wonderful news. thank you. 8:08. creepy clown sightings are spooking people around the country and the incidents are happening here in the bay area as well. pasco county deputies are investigating at least three reported clown sightings after a girl says a clown chased her thursday in largo. on friday, pasco schools were on high alert after a national threat that cln students or even teachers. it did not happen thankfully, and deputies are still looking into those sightings. deputies say they have at least three reported sightings right here in this a area. one them happened at grace memorial gardens in hudson. a woman says she was visiting her dad's grave when she walked back to her car and saw someone in clown costume. that person took off running. she called 911. deputies are also looking into reports of clowns scaring
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apartments in hudson and in holiday as well. deputies have not spotted any clowns themselves. >> people think they will play a game out of it. they can end with their game in the land o lakes jail. the reality is someone will seriously get hurt because they think it is a joke. >> alcides: deputies want everyone to know making up a report are of a harassing clown can be a is a false report. a polk county man is thankful to be alive after rescuers pulled them out william land crashed had is car along i-4 wednesday night and witness and fire fighters helped pull him to safety. now he wants to say thank you. the car when about 1,000 feet off the highway after he lost control. it crashed through a fence an wet straight into a pond. the passing driver saw the accident, stopped to help. the driver couldn't get to land, but fire fighter lieutenant dan varner was able to rescue him thankfully. the car has a huge poll sticking right through that
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land says he is thankful he is the only person in the car and on top of everything. he only spent two hours in the hospital. >> i realize how close it was. and if it hasn't been for a good samaritan, i don't know if i would be here today. could have probably drowned. and before -- before anybody else got there. >> i want to touch him. i just want to touch their face i just want to touch their face. >> anjuli: he added that was the last time we be behind the wheel. he has had epilepsy his entire life. he is now going to turn in his drive's license, but he wants to say thank you to his heroes. a u.s. army vet travels all the way to tampa to meet a dog that he hopes will change his life. we were there when he got to meet his new best friend. he suffers from severe post tra mat hick stress disorder. he tried various treatments but
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his doctors recommend he get a service dog. the only problem is his wife is allergic and started res researching hypoallergenic dogs and found out that a portuguese water dog like this one mayte may be just right for him. here a deal. those are very expensive dogs. and eric didn't have the money to buy it. fortunately duke snodgrass runs an organization called 832, k-9 deputy dogs. he heard about eric's story d >> i know about the nightmares and the cold sweats and when he started telling me, i thought it just has to be. has to be. the right thing to do. >> i seen him tonight. i don fell in love with him. and i am happy. this is -- this is the happiest i have opinion in a long time. >> alcides: amazing how a dog will change your life especially if you have ptsd. eric is especially grateful because duke gave that dog to him for free.
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people at walt disney world today. on october 1, 1971, the majic kingdom opened up for the first time. the magic kingdom turns 45 today. if you were going to the park, you are in for a big celebration. handing out special pins to anybody else who visits and you can buy a very special birthday cupcake. >> time to celebrate. >> anjuli: i guess so why not with a cupcake. sound good to me. >> i take my kids to magic kingdom and i dread it . >> anjuli: why. >> alcides: too much walking. >> anjuli: he doesn't like crowds and waiting. when your daughter looks you in the eye and says take me to see mickey. >> alcides: you have to or you fail as a parent anjuli davis see how this turns out. hurricane matthew loses a bit of strength overnight. >> anjuli: people in haiti are getting ready for the worse. after two games on the road the florida state seminoles are ready to take on the tar heels. kevin o'donnell is breaking it
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october 1, some of us craving fall to finally get here. not quite as muggy for tampa bay north this morning. so some of you enjoying that. 57 degrees with a northeast wind in tampa. but near the co- all kinds of pesky showers including a storm west of longboat. the rain winding down pinellas. and we you talk trapics, the 8 a.m. update from matthew from the hurricane center. i will have it for you coming i will have it for you coming up i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix.
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oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: in haiti people who live in the tent cities are
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will lash haiti with heavy rains, high winds. hundreds of thousands of haitians live in makeshift camps after the 2010 earthquake that struck there. unbelievable. i can't imagine. >> alcides: you have to feel for them what they have dealt with the past decade and now with this hurricane matthew on track to head their way. pretty scary, right, lindsay. >> lindsay: always watching any system in the caribbean but this one is strong, very powerful. yesterday the first category 5 hurricane since 2007. nine slightly weaker system. hurricane hunters, we need them to continue to get out there an explore what is happening right now so we can fine tune the track how it may impact the u.s. if at all down the road next week. and down the road, kind of analyzing the winds from the center of circulation. the strongest i have seen so far is 127 miles per hour at flight level. as it continues to hook around here, we will get all this information on the 11 a.m.
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rather showing still winds in some locations, upwards of 40 miles per hour. that is on east of some of the strong winds. what i noticed since yesterday no longer see that defined eye. storm weakening some. pressure has increased 5 millibars. still very low which shows the power of this system at 9:47. what you notice is 155-mile-per-hour winds. if you were not familiar with the safford simpson wind two miles shy of category. northwest at 7 and waiting on to northerly track. that timing when when it lifts north will determine does this pass over jamaica. does it head a little further to the east toward haiti meaning they could emore rain. either way, the whole region will see a lot of rain. the question remains how strong will those hurricane force winds extend from the center. right now only 45 miles from the center so at this pace,
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hurricane tuesday morning over mountain use east cuba which will mean weakening. this cone heading out in time over the case five days out, five to seven days out from making landfall. at that. it is larger. the margin of error will not just be going to the center line but could be further east and why this is so big and includes southeast florida. the gfs the rehibl models are showing a slightly westward track and other models like these you see east of jamaica. that will be good for them. they take it further east of the census. so watch the spread as we head into wednesday, thursday. we don't like to see this big margin of error. that why our confidence is low where this may head mid to late week next week. at this point we need to continue to watch things and see how it pans out. at this point for our local impacts, may be good ones, drier air and breezy conditions
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breeze in tampa. brookdale bayshore looks lovely. a little less humid. clearwater beach. some showers i will show you momentarily. temperatures are in the 70s. 70s in bartow. 70 in brooksville. 79 in st. petersburg. as we hop around the state, gainesville, tallahassee, panama city. fall has made its mark there an in some spots tampa north dropped into the mid-60s. more freshin a the cold front has called at not any further south. and pesky shower and northeast wind this afternoon. light onshore wind bringing heavy downpours. here is one east of the sunshine skyway. looks like that rain in south st. pete. i know kelly had that downpour of madeira beach. what is left of that is one tiny little downpour. nothing major there. a little north. heavy rain near safety harbor is a light shower. last stop off of longboat key.
8:20 am
continues to hang out and not move much with showers from anna maria. a few afternoon storms with that coastal rain threat. inland storms building west and transition day. upper 80s with a 30% rain chance. future cast kind of underdoing the morning coastal range and by lunchtime, how quiet inland. late day storms build west and more numerous storms pushing west sundayft low humidity is gone the next few hours. get out and enjoy right now. 70 tonight. partly cloudy down to 75. sunday will up that rain chance to 50%. storms building west at 89 an we have to watch where is that lightning around raymond james for the 4:00 games. a light chop this afternoon. this morning check sky tower before you head out. best rain chances sunday and monday and look how they drop depending on where matthew
8:21 am
for now as the forecast holds, we will see a nice taste of fall thursday and friday morning and breezy mitt to late week too, guys. all right, in sports this morning the seminoles are back home in tam has see and ray take on rangers in arlington. here is fox 13's kevin o'donnell. >> kevin:fork su back in tallahassee for a home game, second of the season and home will help the 'noles fix their issues, the same 3-1 fsu can't afford another s slip-up. florida state looks good at usf last week and they know they have got to keep rolling both of those teams face off tonight against each other and fsu is in the hunt for the acc championship and they need help. jimbo fisher is getting hot when seeing the season is over by suffering a set-back early in the year. >> when season over -- you know, eventually going to do
8:22 am
until the team tanks heck with it. you can't go. thing you jeopardize with all these playoffs. college football. not pro-football. you guys write it off when season is over you can't go to playoffs if this team does it or that team does it. if say it is and tanks it. then what do you. >> he is wound up. >> reporter: the only team in the big four home. the 14th ranked miami hurricanes travel to georgia tech for a noon kickoff. florida big rebound after losing to tennessee a taggert's bulls go for conference play at 7:00. down 2-0 in the 6th in texas. evan longoria cuts the lead in half with one swing. drops in for a double and get kevin ke rmyer motor home and rays cut it to 2-1. lead off the beginning of the inning.
8:23 am
season. 3-1 rangers. rays down to last shot in the 9th. logan forsythe and he goes down swinging. the rangers lock up home field advantage in the playoffs. 3 - 1 the final. another win for lightning in the second in two nights. andrew plot score the game winner. andre balesk your. 27 saves. the bolts are in nashville tonight. well, u.s. pull off a feat in the ryder cup side saw coming in the opening four. some. patrick reid clinches the first match with this putt. every stinson and rose. and then on 18, rory mcilroy needing this putt to drop to are the match and ex-not convert another point for the u.s. the united states wins all four morning maps to take a 4-0. but by theen of the day the
8:24 am
5-3 as they head into today's rounds. that's sports. have a great day. looking for something fun to do this weekend. a bunch of hot happenings around the bay area including your chance to see very cool boats going super fast. all part of the super national boating championship. we will tell you all about that
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house this weekend? are you looking to get out of the house this weekend. we have just the thing for you. >> anjuli: a bunch of hot happenings going on around the bay area. sooetd cede a really cool one. a super boat championship
8:27 am
returns to pier 60 this weekend. some of the fastest power boats in the world will take part in the 7th annual race. the race village will open at coachman park at 9 a.m. for seafood festival and meet and greet. it will stay open until 10:00 at night. firework will light up the sky at 9 and best part it is all free. all right, are you ready for a fantastic tailgate? tailgate taste is taking place in curtis hixon park. college play on big screens throughout the park as well, local restaurants serve up some of the best tailgating foods that the area have to offer. live music and corn hole. i imagine the chicken wings will be a big hit. admission is free and it all kicks off at 3:00. halo-scream kicks off at busch garden.
8:28 am
early access to the pack until 5 p.m. and it will stay open until 1:00 in the morning. i don't know what that sounds like anymore. >> alcides: i went to bed at 9:00. i feel like an old man lying in bed at 9:00. >> anjuli: i love it. i went a couple of years ago to high pressures alo-scream. >> lindsay: remember when we came in and they scared pus, >> anjuli. it was so scary. >> anjuli: oh, yes, i forget about that. >> lindsay: tampa north, 75 in tampa. 70 in brooksville. but look at these showers that are pesky and affecting maybe our coastal area. can't rule out this was at one point a water spout southwest of longboat key but for now looks like a heavy little storm. dew points, how low are they in the 60s tampa north.
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young for the florida senate.
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this is "good day tampa bay." >> welcome to the weekend. welcome to october. at 8:31 for it feels -- i want to say refreshing, but definitely not as oppressive out the door. start with our current temperatures. it in all locations in the 70s. warm in st. petersburg, but your dew points have actually dropped some. lakeland at 72. 70 in brooksville. we look at our dew points and notice that shade of lighter green. any time we can drop the dew point number below 70, just not quite as muggy. we will enjoy it this morning, because of an east wind by the
8:32 am
in with more of just light winds, light onshore winds this morning. pesky showers and storms to dodge. thunderstorms that have w weakened dramatically south and west of longboat is bringing you onshore. just a small sprinkle, but offshore flicker of lightning. heavy downpours to anna maria. and skyway was wet. showers over the bay, and they may clip sun city over the next 30 minutes. elsewhere maybe a sprinkle that is it. our front top of us. you head to tallahassee feels great. miami, miserable, summerlining. rain chances 30% by the afternoon.they come in from the east and push west and then sunday with more moisture. the same pattern east to west wind and downpours in the upper 80s and the full advisories. the track won't be updated until 11 a.m. until 8 a.m. strong category 4 matthew churns southeast of
8:33 am
>> alcides: thanks, lindsay. the time is almost 8:33. a look at your headlines this half hour. troopers recognize a wrong-way driver. gisele benefit tried to get on state route 618 by going on the exit ramp. when the 26-year-old saw cars coming her weigh she swerved and crashed into a guardrail in construction equipment in that area. bennett suffered minor injuries. charged with dui and driving the wrong way. the department of justice is suing the owner home park. they claim the maygrove village home black denied home buyers based on the race. according to the lawsuit a african-americans for housing were given higher prices and told that fewer mobile homes were for sale. finally tampa bay is one of the best places to buy real estate according to a new ranking by go banking rates. tampa came in second of the
8:34 am
go banking rates say the growing population is fueling the need for more housing. the number one spot on that list by the way is orlando. a 14-year-old boy is facing murder charges after officials say he killed his father and then open fired at an elementary school. the teen and in south carolina court room yesterday morning. he is being charged as a juvenile right now. officials say the 14-year-old killed his father, then went on to an elementary school with a gun. police say he went on to shoot two stude one those victims, 6-year-old jacob hall, remains in critical condition and suffers a brain injury from blood loss. the teen was ordered to stay in jail. and they are working to find out why a train drove into a new jersey station killing a woman. that train crashed thursday morning. that woman was killed. 114 other people were hurt. right now officials are working to get information from one of the train's recorders that hold
8:35 am
officials are trying to figure out how -- why the train was going to fast it crashed into a bumper and a concrete wall. >> that is the question of the hour. everyone is speculating on t this. we don't do this until we get the information. >> reporter: speed limit is 10 miles per hour. an automatic braking system that should have stopped that car in time. 15 people are still in the hospital. an illinois mall was on lockdown after a drive-by they initially thought to one was hurt but evidence the scene showed that someone may have been at cherry hall mall. it started with an argument between two groups of people. one pulled out a gun and started shooting. police are looking for everyone involved. deputies later discovered a shell casing with what they believe was blood on it. excuse me, they are looking at local hospitals to be on the lookout for anyone who may have been shot. parent and grandparents,
8:36 am
is never too early to start getting kids areed for college. catching the eye of one texas university. awarded a $10,000 college scholarship from the university of north texas all because of this speech. >> start my day in a positive way. i will be rvlful with the wondz that i say. i will pay attention and i will do my best. and i will study hard for every test. i will take my teachers have to do. i will -- i will become a productive citizen in world in which i live. >> anjuli: i love this child. sthes as duet as they come. -- cute as they come. she talks about enthusiasm for education and life. she wants to be a north texas eagle just like her mom. well unt took notice and surprised jordan with a check during an assembly at her
8:37 am
award for excellence and leadership. i mean that is the cutest thing i have seen all day. >> alcides: so passionate too. >> anjuli: so enthusiastic. coming up we will tell you about two boys doing good sw as well. >> anjuli: they are collecting books for what they call read repeat. for parent, packing school lunches is a pain and making school lunches healthy is even more of an issue. lindsay introduces us to a mother halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. america runs on dunkin'. share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!"
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>> alcides: all right, two very special elementary schoolers are doing something amazing and here suspect thing. they live here in the bay area and they are collecting books for some people to need them the most. chase hartman, chance vamosi founded read repeat. thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> alcides: how old are you. >> i am 10. >> i am 11. >> alcides: what is read repeat. >> well, it's a -- it's a project we launched months ago. we get books from people who want to give to us and we give it to people who are not fortunate enough to have books or other organizations that will give to people that need books. >> alcides: who started this idea and came up with this i idea. >> this business that moved in next to our parents called two swell guys and said we have
8:41 am
with read repeat. >> alcides: how many books did you start off with. >> 3,000 books. >> alcides: that gentleman next door to you gave 3,000 books. >> yes so ed cede what did you do with them. >> we bought shelves and books. we didn't know what to do. >> alcides: i wouldn't know what to do with 3,000 books. >> we put them inside our parent's. >> alcides: garage or something. >> warehouse in how cool is that. so at that point, when you have 3,000 books. what did do you? started the program right away. did you know nate to a group or something. how did that work out. >> we started the program right away. we bought shelves and labored them into group areas and took the books out one by one and put them in those areas, and then we called up some people to say, hey, do you want 300 paperback books or called up a
8:42 am
religious books and they said yeah. and it kept on going and og. >> alcides: that's neat. >> and they told everybody and we also got help from our school. mary brian elementary to get in touch with the principal at robles. >> alcides: that is neat. how many books have you given out so far. >> given out 8,000 books. >> alcides: 8,000 books. wow. when did you start the program. >> two months ago. >> alcides: two months ago. man, that is awesome. if someone is watching and want i will be honest with you i have so many books at home that the kids are already done readding and i would love to donate to you guys. how do they go about do that? >> go to cede see say that again r then what. >> you text us or e-mail us on there. and then we look on it every other day. so when we see it, we will say here -- chase's mom will get a
8:43 am
put books there and we will take them. >> we have also set up a box impact marshal hurts a place in the westchase development. >> a good idea, drop-off locations. yu guys are really cool, amazing young kids. congratulations for what you are doing. i am sure people at home are going to want to dee nate too -- donate their books. doesn't matter, kids books, religious books, any type of books that you want >> yes. >> alcides: you guys are gr
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. the time is 8:46. police are looking for that woman right there caught on camera attaching a skimmer to an atm. it happened inside a 7 on 4th street north in st. petersburg around 8 a.m. tuesday. a clerk noticed a woman was acting suspicious and checked the machine a short time after she left. she found that -- they found that skimmer. they don't think many customers used that machine while skimmer was on it. if you know who she is, call police. social service workers are trying to find two dozen from being homeless. living at the moseley hotel on 34th street north and they have to be out by monday. they have known for several
8:47 am
owner decided to get rid of the property. social services team has been working for better housing an benefit program. red t+ ide has washed ashore on several beaches between lee. federal fish and wildlife say this j just the beginning. algae blooms are getting worse. no doubt it will impact their business. fwc say no way to determine how long it will last. sometimes for week and even month. there is quite om time and causing issues and and eyesore as well age. >> anjuli: cease -- >> lindsay: seeing all those fish wash up on the beach. maybe a pool day instead of a teach day, depending on what you want to do. but i encourage you to get out early in the morning if you live pinellas county north.
8:48 am
as extreme. october bonus. usf marine science cam. one batch of showers over the bay that is lifting over your area. winds out of the northeast a drier breeze which makes it feel good. can't rule out couple of sprinkles in lakeland. 72 with light east wind. on the radar to start off the day. but really any measurable rain is mainly offer water and east of skyway. we are winding down our onshore flow for this morning and losing storm south and west of longboat key. wouldn't be surprise at one point this was a water spout. rain much leitner anna ma are radio yea after a heavy downpour. these downpours cross fort de soto. the skyway and about to push over the bay. maybe sun city ruskin. this may clip you. quiet. temperatures are pleasant.
8:49 am
it is 77 in tampa. so we have made a jump. 79 in st. pete. while we look at this dew point scale, the darker green, lakeland points south, and the lighter green, tampa points north. dew points in the 60s, a little more comfortable for one morning because the east wind will pull in atlantic moisture. really muggy on the east coast. they are seeing heavy downpours there. across the state, 50s in the pan handle. memphis, atlanta, lexington all in the 50s and cooler a with game day a few of our games featuring milder air. gators taking on vanderbilt away in nashville and a chance of showers. that's it. low humidity for my seminoles in tallahassee, 3:00, 3:30. and heading up were a comfortable 87 and can't rule out showers. big game for the bulls taking on cincinnati bearcats later this evening. hurricane hunters are investigating matthew.
8:50 am
and at some spot they have seen them in excess of major hurricane strength. the storm itself not as strong as yesterday and really because if off category 5 hurricane, it is impossible for something to stay that strong for as long. what they are showing that the system is expanding a bit. more length-wise instead of circular in motion. we will have to see the speeds they find and the pressure they find. the pressure has dropped since the 8 a.m. update that showed 947 millibars. the lowest this number, the can't no longer see that center of circulation as well likely going through an eye wall replacement settle but 155-mile-per-hour winds. that is still extremely close to category 5 strength which is impressive. last we have seen a category 5 in the caribbean has been felix in 2007. the west movement today waiting on the northerly turn some time sunday and monday and sometime late sunday early monday. matthew, because of the size of some of the tropical storm
8:51 am
jamaica. could see major hurricane impacts that head to northeast cuba. squalls for espannole for haiti and some weakening gradually after impacts of mountain use cuba. how close to florida does this get. that is the question and what our models are tweaking and fine tuning. gfork s the northerly track monday and tuesday and closer to florida track close to the carolinas and riding to the northeast coast. shows a further east track. physical those models come together the tone is -- the cone is so large five days out and check in for florida impacts. can't rule them out. for midweek, notice less rain, breezy conditions. so drier air for us. 88 with a 30% rain chance. storm will build west. near 70 for tonight. 75 looking decent. they push west late in the day
8:52 am
if you were boating before lunchtime, just take a sneak peek at your radar app with coastal rain. wednesday through friday look good for us breezy less humid and all depends on matthew that we are monitoring. it is the weekend and birthday time. a couple of first birthdays this morning. starting off for this cutie. happy birthday to declan. he loves to play peek had a-pooh and washing i guess his favorite show clubhouse. and turn 1 today sporting the bo w. she loves to watch football, dance to luke brian, country girl an loves playing with her big brother. happy birthday to marion jr.
8:53 am
8:55 am
welcome back. it is 8:55, and we all know weekday mornings can be hectic and one pinellas county mom makes it easy for parents with her organic lunch delivery service. i checked out lunch hero. >> reporter: a mother of two she know what kids like to eat
8:56 am
and eat lunch with our kids and so much waste, cardboard, cartons and food in the trash. >> reporter: a weigh for students to eat healthy and eliminate waste in the cafeteria with a lunch hero program. an organic lunch delivery program. lunches are packed in recycle programming. >> taking the pan out of making lunch. >>reporter: with a few clicks order lunch hero website. it will cost you $4 it will cost you $4.99. >> any, with healthy organic and health food in school. >> reporter: there are a lot of choices for even the pickiest eater. >> if your child just likes cheese sandwich, cheese and tomato. a loaded cheese sandwich, they can cheese into too. >> i don't have to carry a lunch box, and there are more options other than having the same lunch every day.
8:57 am
charter schools in pinellas county who get their lunches delivrtd weekly. >> a variety of good healthy foods that you can eat even if you are commute inen free. >> i like the this and the turkey sandwich is very good. >> the parents love the adv advance. the schools love they are hands off because no admin work for them. >>reporter: even student notice the recyclable packaging. wrapped in sustainable wax paper named snippets and it is made in st. pete. >> you can recycle almost everything in the lunch. >> make the planet a nicer, healthier place to be. >> we hope that everybody will let us be their lunch hero. >> lindsay: lunch hero is a new program. the first school year for the organic delivery service and they hope to ex-and if. a launch to make those ordered
8:58 am
okay, you know i was your governor. know. my hair used to be way better. i played quarterback. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare, defend women's healthcare and planned parenthood, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first. always have, and always will.
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uh... medicine? with amendment 2, this is what "medicine" will look like: pot, packaged like candy. up to twenty times stronger than it once was. marketed to kids. sold next to schools. in nearly two thousand pot shops across florida. no medical standards. no pharmacists. no prescriptions. and no way to stop it... ...unless you vote no on amendment 2. all savings event. where you can create the perfect outdoor living space. now through october 10th, everything is on sale. get 25% off select outdoor collections. plus, enjoy thirty-six month, no-interest financing. shop rugs, lamps, pillows and more. come in today and save. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the fall savings event. havertys. life looks good.
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to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. keeping the unthinkable at bay.. details on a new details on a new law this morning aimed at making florida students a lot safer. plus, playing the infidelity card in a naster turn on the campaign card.


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